Friday, March 29, 2013

And then there are times when you remember why you're having a wedding

I won't lie, Matt and I weren't always on the same page about this wedding shindig. Over the last two years, I had really warmed to the idea of eloping. Primarily to avoid the stress of planning on a limited budget, but also because eloping seemed uniquely us. Matt, on the other side of this coin, saw us surrounded by family and our closest friends just enjoying ourselves and each other. When it's put like that, it was an easy decision.

A lot of elements about wedding planning have been challenging for me. Finding a dress was no fun. Finding a venue that we loved and could afford was even worse. But now that the biggest pieces of the puzzle are in place, it's easier for me to enjoy the process. I still find myself saying geez why can't we just be married already? often, but I've gotten excited about some things.

Our invitations, by August Park Creative. They're so obscenely cool that even Matt gave a reasonably enthusiastic yeah, I like those! If you know my fiancé, you know this is a big deal. He doesn't have an ounce of giddiness in him.

The music. Matt and I have had a great amount of entertainment in just tossing out ideas for our wedding playlist. References to 80's movies we grew up with? Obviously. The soundtrack we've chosen so far is pretty damn epic. It's pure fun. And maybe my new husband will even dance to some of it!

Alright, July 5th, let's do this.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A View from the Top

Our good friend Derek took this amazing photo from the top of BLDG 92. Do you see why I love Brooklyn?

Click to enlarge

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Venue: .... and the (lucky) winner is!


After a much longer process than either of us anticipated, Matt and I have finally found our wedding venue! In the end, it was ironically down to a space in Queens or in Brooklyn. And for as much as I might like to say that I'm the bride, so my borough won, that was not the case. We both like that the place where we'll get married has, overall, a unique New York feel. (And the menu will include Matt's all-time favorite food, cheese ravioli, so he was game.)

See you at BLDG 92!

Until July 5th rolls around, feel free to browse the site and see all of the history that the Brooklyn Navy Yard has to offer. While it may not have exposed brick walls, it's the perfect place for a couple of New Yorkers to drop anchor (yes, I intend to use a lot of maritime metaphors in the next few months...)!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dressy Dressiness Story Time of Dresses!

My second guest post with The Budget Savvy Bride is up! Read, comment, shower me with compliments! Or at least tell me I'm not crazy for buying my wedding dress online...

The best part of this whole wedding dress experience has been that my wonderful brother purchased it for me! So kind, and so much more special. Thanks, Skidoo!!

And now.... how I said yes to the dress!