Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast-forward three months

It's been brought to my attention that I have neglected this blog. Well, it's been an absolutely insane few months. A lot of it bad. But we're moving on from all that. This blog is about love! And Queens! And Brooklyn! Okay, so it's rarely about Brooklyn. I haven't even been there in... I honestly don't know. My beloved borough! Wah!

At the start of September, Mr. Queens and I packed up and moved to Rego Park. That's in Queens too. What (still) up, Queens? Anyway, RP is cute and our apartment is spacious. I recommend J&D Pizza. It's become the go-to order-in destination. Other than pizza (and the occasional Mexican), we haven't explored RP on the culinary front yet. There's supposed to be some great places, though.

With the move all finished, and only two boxes left in the living room, QB-BG can focus on the challenges and decorations and cookies that come along with the holidays. Matt can continue to ask where in our living room the Christmas tree will go, and I will continue to point to the same place every time. Pass me the pumpkin pie, please!