Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast-forward three months

It's been brought to my attention that I have neglected this blog. Well, it's been an absolutely insane few months. A lot of it bad. But we're moving on from all that. This blog is about love! And Queens! And Brooklyn! Okay, so it's rarely about Brooklyn. I haven't even been there in... I honestly don't know. My beloved borough! Wah!

At the start of September, Mr. Queens and I packed up and moved to Rego Park. That's in Queens too. What (still) up, Queens? Anyway, RP is cute and our apartment is spacious. I recommend J&D Pizza. It's become the go-to order-in destination. Other than pizza (and the occasional Mexican), we haven't explored RP on the culinary front yet. There's supposed to be some great places, though.

With the move all finished, and only two boxes left in the living room, QB-BG can focus on the challenges and decorations and cookies that come along with the holidays. Matt can continue to ask where in our living room the Christmas tree will go, and I will continue to point to the same place every time. Pass me the pumpkin pie, please!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Threshold


Because of a set of circumstances beyond our control, Matt and I are moving in a/less than a month. We weren't expecting this to happen until after the holidays, but the time is upon us.

So I'm getting a crash course in Queens 101. I've never ventured far out of Astoria, when we currently rizz-ide, but because Astoria's prices are going up, and our income isn't, we are exploring neighborhoods a bit farther from Manhattan. Since my Queens Boy is very familiar with almost every crevice of the borough, the pressure is off me to pretend I know what the hell I'm talking about. Thank goodness. I just have to say, "yeah, I think Far Rockaway is a little too, ya know... far."

The neighborhood that I'm loving right now is Kew Gardens. We went on an apartment hunting adventure there yesterday, complete with me sweating off about 13 pounds. It should be renamed Kew Hills. The Kew Gardens/Forest Hills area has thing fantastic little shopping district - Austin Street. OMGILOVE. There's an Uncle Louie G.'s, which I thought was a Brooklyn native so yippee!, a Sephora, a Banana Republic, et al. It's like the Steinway of KG/FH but a billion times improved. The front runner apartment (as of 12:16pm on Sunday anyway) isn't too far from this magical shopping haven. Brooklyn Girl like.

More importantly than the neighborhood we end up in is that I've been reminded how strong the relationship is. Of course this is a stressful time, but dealing with it together makes all the difference. We're often ying and yang, day and night on how we handle obstacles - and this is no exception - but we're digging in and coming up with solutions. Go ahead, say "awwwww!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mind. Blown.

Ever just have an arbitrary thought that reminds you just how far away you are from a certain point in your life?

That happened just now...

Someday I'm going to have to worry about potty-training children. I may even have to buy a book on the subject.

Mind. Blown.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Making of a Magical Birthday: Step One

This Sunday is My Mr.'s birthday. I have been agonizing over what to do/buy since the minute when he revealed his birth date to me all those months ago when we were in that early "getting to know you" phase. Since I knew almost immediately that he would still be in my life six months later, I needed every minute of that time to plan the ideal birthday.

The original idea was pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Among the things he enjoys most in the world are the Yankees and amusement parks. I checked the Bombers' schedule and saw that on his actual birthday, the team was away in Anaheim against the Angels. Anaheim has, aside from Disney World, because, well, meh, Knott's Berry Farm close by. Which, you may be surprised to learn, is not a farm of strawberries and blueberries (but that would be delicious). It's a world-renowned amusement park packed with cool coasters. These things, paired with the fact that Matt had never been to the west coast, seemed like the ideal long weekend birthday getaway. I tossed the idea to the Moms and they both loved it. I looked up flights and hotels. I was into this. And then one evening while watching an episode of House Hunters, Matt proclaims that he wouldn't care of the west coast sank to the bottom of the ocean. Well, super. He's clearly got no love for the Left, and in the moment one could probably hear glass shattering all around me.

Cross that one right on off the list.

Then, a long weekend in the Caribbean was considered. But since that was really more for my enjoyment, quickly nixed.

Then there was sky diving. Which would have been totally bad-ass. But they needed a doctor's okay. No way he would ever willingly go to the doctor without knowing the reason why, so that was out.

Part one of the actual birthday present turned out fabulous thanks for his clan. While visiting North Carolina, which I am kind of in love with at the moment, we all visited Carowinds - an amusement park with some sick coasters. He was mostly surprised and I felt successful.

With that under my belt, one would think I'd feel a lot less pressure for this weekend to be off-the-charts incredible. I don't. It's Friday and I'm still anxious. I know he will love his gift, of course. It's pretty great. But the expectations I set months ago for myself to make his birthday unbelievable are still looming. He'd probably be happy with a hug, so this is really all my neuroses. If he's not walking around with a huge smile plastered on his face all of Sunday, I have failed at life.

No pressure.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For a little more than a month now, the Queens Boy and I have shared an address. In Queens. Intentionally. The timing worked out magically, perfectly in line with my roommate getting a job that took him out of the country. Welcome to Astoria.

One of my favorite things about cohabitation so far is that Matt has just as many strange pet peeves as I do. That makes me feel a lot less crazy, knowing that we're both a little crazy. He's vigilant - vigilant I tell you! - about putting the toilet seat and lid down. And amen to that after growing up in a house with a brother. He also always hangs up his towel. He's a good dude. I think I'll keep him.

Straying from said address, though, has had, at best, mixed results. Fair to excellent if we go as far as the gym. Very bad to dire if we try to venture out of the state. First road trip equals first car accident. We blame Baltimore, even though we were in Bellmawr, New Jersey. Not that fond of the Jerz, though, either.

Later this month, we have North Carolina on the docket. We're flying, so I expect extreme weather or a disgruntled airline employee in our future.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Modern Love: Part One

One of the pillars of modern society, The New York Times, asks about love today.

Three years ago we invited college students to tell us the truth about what love was like for them in this age of 24/7 communication, blurred gender roles and new attitudes about sex and dating. The response, from students at more than 365 colleges and universities nationwide, was overwhelming and eye opening.

So we’re asking again.
If you have a personal story that illustrates the current state of love and relationships...

No longer a spry undergrad, I'm ineligible to enter the contest. But it did get me thinking about the subject.

Although home computers were popular since I was in junior high - I feel painfully dated right now - I didn't have regular access to one until late high school. I often took important assignments to friends' homes to use their word processors (remember those?), or eventually, the internet. In fact, one of the first times I really recall surfing the internet, my good friend and I may have been looking for risque pictures of David Duchvony. It wasn't until my maybe sophomore year of high school that I used a computer to communicate with a love interest.

Until a few weeks ago, Matt and I weren't even really in a relationship, until it had been declared on Facebook. And then the "likes" and comments began rolling in from those who knew about our meeting before the internet did.

One of the very first conversations the two of us had was entirely online. It was day two(ish) and we spent roughly five hours on instant messenger getting to know one another. Occupation. Favorite movies. Exchanging stories. Avoiding mentions of exes. Both pretty hopeful about the prospect of having met someone we actually liked. As someone who doesn't really like the phone, I think it would have been more difficult for me to connect to him had it not been for that marathon computer conversation. I certainly don't doubt that we would have - a spark of something was obvious from the get-go - but technology allowed me to feel more comfortable telling him - on day two after our meeting - that I definitely wanted to be married and have children. Had I said that in-person, on a first date, it may have come across as a little, um, scary. Not that I haven't been that girl before. Take it from me that its much better received when -- a). the thought has crossed the other person's mind, too... and b). when he already kinda likes you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to New York

Or, more accurately, welcome back to New York. I didn't leave, but I feel like I am part of society again. The sun is shining. It's above 20 degrees. Twitter has once again piqued my interest.

It's been about four months since I stopped blogging over at PlaysOne. I've unofficially decided to retire that blog in favor of writing something new that reflects what my life looks like now. Which is, um, different.

For example, this is my PlaysOneOnTV blog introduction:
I live and work in New York. It bleeds me dry and makes me feel like a failure 95% of the time. The other 5% I'm probably curled up on my couch watching Grey's Anatomy re-runs or something. I'm not successful, beautiful, thin or trust-funded enough to compete here -- yet here I am. I have a mass amount of debt that I'm trying to pay off; an expensive apartment that is largely held together with tape; a job that demands too much and pays little; a bigger butt than I would like and I thought I'd be married and published by now. I'm a late twentysomething who is trying/acting/fooling myself...?

Now? I'm still poor as hell here in New York, but I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in probably a year. I long moved out of the apartment that was held together with tape. That experience was, ahem, so rewarding. I still have debt and a big butt, but I managed to snag a great Queens boy and I'm immensely enjoying starting our lives together.

The world as I saw it in October is less bleak - if you don't count Egypt - and, for the first time in a very long time, I am looking forward to my future. There will be puppies and rainbows and babies.