Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Kiss

There's a popular viral video right now called, "First Kiss."

In the short film, they ask 20 strangers to have their first kiss, on camera. As one would expect, it begins awkwardly. But then it gets wonderful. Watching these people experience this intimate moment is voyeuristic, sure, but also incredibly warm. Like a real first kiss. It's impossible for this video not to bring up feelings -- likely long buried -- of your own first kiss, or that of your last first kiss.

I had a very strong suspicion that when I went on my first date with my now-husband (aforementioned Queens Boy), that it would be my last first date. I told several people that it would be. Matt probably didn't, because he doesn't say those sorts of things out loud. I do. In fact, that yin and yang is a big part of the reason that we are who we are, both as individuals and as a couple.

Suspecting that January 14, 2011 may be the last night of my single life as I knew it, I was also prepared for the inevitable first kiss. I did the things that you do before you go out on a date with someone you might possibly perhaps probably really like.

When I first opened the door to Matt, he immediately made a move to hug me. I liked that. The kiss would wait until after dinner, but one just knows when that's coming. But, true to what I would later learn is classic Matt, he took me by surprise.

We were in his (now my) car, and had just pulled into the parking lot of the next leg of our date -- arcade games at Dave & Buster's. I'm sure I was mid absolutely hysterical joke and/or witty observation, when he says, "I have a question…" Um, sure, is he going to ask me which game I want to play first? He waited a moment for me to nod my head, only to lean across the seat and precisely execute the very last first kiss. It was warm and delicious, and held every last hope that we each had to put our pasts behind us to start an adventure with the person who would now and always, be our partner.

I was totally right. And have felt all the more right about that date, and that kiss, in the roughly 4,000* kisses since then.

*conservative estimate… yay basic math!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Farewell BSB Post: the Reveal!

Ashley + Matt
July 5, 2013
Brooklyn, NY  |  Brooklyn Navy Yard’s BLDG 92.

What was your budget?
Our budget was $20,000. While in most areas of the country this budget will go far and can even be a bit lavish, in New York City, $20k is practically peanuts.

Read more at the Budget Savvy Bride!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Remember that time we got married?

July 5th finally arrived! And then it was over. Now we're married. And happy. And that's super cool.

This is my favorite shot. Thanks, Adena!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped to make July 5th fun, memorable, unique and everything my new husband and I wanted! Those people include (but are certainly not limited to!)...

Our officiant, "Father Phil," without whom we would literally not be married
Our families - dads, moms, brothers and sister. We love you.  
Francesca and Marissa (literally the only two members of our bridal party not related to us), you two kept me sane. THANK YOU! 
Our incredible photographer, Adena of Studio A Images. Book her!  
BLDG 92 and the entire staff at Ted & Honey and Parker Red, especially the patient Joanne 
My wedding planner/day of savior, Meena and 5th Avenue Weddings 
Our friends and family who traveled from near and far to celebrate with us

Can you tell we had fun?

Now on to other big things!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WedPics: Where Tech Meets Practical

I love candid photos. So much so that our wonderful photographer (and good friend from college!), Adena of Studio A Images, and I have discussed a minimum number of posed photos. Especially serious ones. Actually, unless they are faux serious. I definitely want a shot of the wedding party looking like secret agents or something.

I recently stumbled upon the WedPics app and it's going to be a great addition to the wedding. The app allows us to keep all of our guests' wedding photos in one place so everyone near and far can see the crazy fun we're having! So if you have an iPhone or Android, download the app (just search "WedPics" in the app store) before the wedding (I don't know the wifi availability at the venue) so you can get snappin' on July 5th!  Oh, and it's totally free to use.

You can connect via Facebook to the app, or create your own login with your email. Our wedding id to start viewing the "memory lane" photos the Binder clan has already started posting (little Matty is SO CUTE!) is gillenbinder.

A little preview:

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Wanna Rock!

Music has played an enormous part in the planning of this wedding. Matt and I are so excited to share our musical stylings with our friends and family (especially the surprises we have planned!) -- although our tastes could not be more different.



Both favorites of ours, and both not especially wedding-friendly. We have a great mix of other favorites already planned, but we need your help! What do you want to hear? Comment below!

25 days left!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Home Stretch -- Six Weeks!

If you can believe it (I certainly can't), we're in the home stretch here in the QB-BG household. There's less than SIX. WEEKS. LEFT.

Many people have asked me what is left to do and lately I have answered with a non-comittmital "not that much..." I'm not so sure I mean that, though. These next few weeks will be insanely busy, I know. I've braced myself. ... I think.

The countdown is on!

In other news, we got our wedding bands! Check out my post on BSB! http://thebudgetsavvybride.com/and-the-wedding-band-played-on-at-the-outlets/

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Showered with love

These past two weekends I've felt like an awfully lucky girl.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my maid of honor, Francesca, who hosted a lovely, low-key gathering of some of my favorite people to celebrate my upcoming nuptials.

Then, my mama hosted a ragin' party of games and bridal hats for me/us in my hometown. It was so nice for me and Matt to spend time with our families (who met for the very first time!) and remember why we're so grateful to have such wonderful, generous people in our lives. Thank you to my adorable mother and her BFF for making me feel so loved!