Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Threshold


Because of a set of circumstances beyond our control, Matt and I are moving in a/less than a month. We weren't expecting this to happen until after the holidays, but the time is upon us.

So I'm getting a crash course in Queens 101. I've never ventured far out of Astoria, when we currently rizz-ide, but because Astoria's prices are going up, and our income isn't, we are exploring neighborhoods a bit farther from Manhattan. Since my Queens Boy is very familiar with almost every crevice of the borough, the pressure is off me to pretend I know what the hell I'm talking about. Thank goodness. I just have to say, "yeah, I think Far Rockaway is a little too, ya know... far."

The neighborhood that I'm loving right now is Kew Gardens. We went on an apartment hunting adventure there yesterday, complete with me sweating off about 13 pounds. It should be renamed Kew Hills. The Kew Gardens/Forest Hills area has thing fantastic little shopping district - Austin Street. OMGILOVE. There's an Uncle Louie G.'s, which I thought was a Brooklyn native so yippee!, a Sephora, a Banana Republic, et al. It's like the Steinway of KG/FH but a billion times improved. The front runner apartment (as of 12:16pm on Sunday anyway) isn't too far from this magical shopping haven. Brooklyn Girl like.

More importantly than the neighborhood we end up in is that I've been reminded how strong the relationship is. Of course this is a stressful time, but dealing with it together makes all the difference. We're often ying and yang, day and night on how we handle obstacles - and this is no exception - but we're digging in and coming up with solutions. Go ahead, say "awwwww!"

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  1. We hope you decided on an apartment in Kew Gardens. It really is beautiful neighborhood with quite a bit to offer. That little bit of Brooklyn was hopefully the seller. Let us know how everything worked out!