Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tales of Wedding Planning: The Exposed Brick Edition

I love exposed brick. LOVE. IT. When I close my eyes and picture the place where Matt and I tie the proverbial knot, I see beautiful, rustic exposed brick all around us. There are a bunch of people there, too, of course, but that's a given.

One of the many reasons, other than aesthetics (a word, by the way, that I've used more in the two months since I started planning a wedding than I have since I first learned the word), is that exposed brick oozes history. I love the idea that we're saying "I do" where other things have happened. That we're a part of something bigger. Cosmically. Or something.

It also marries (get it?!) masculine and feminine. It's kind of dark and brooding, while also being dramatic. And very un-wedding-ish. No tiara required.

When I show Matt a new potential venue online, our conversation sounds something like this:

Me: Oooh, check this place out! It looks great!
Him: [stares at me blankly] Offff course it does, it has exposed brick!
Me: Your point being? I LIKE IT!
Him: Really? Couldn't tell.
So while we may be thismuchcloser to finding a venue (I will not let this break me!)... exposed brick it will have. Maybe I will kiss it after I kiss my groom.

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