Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For a little more than a month now, the Queens Boy and I have shared an address. In Queens. Intentionally. The timing worked out magically, perfectly in line with my roommate getting a job that took him out of the country. Welcome to Astoria.

One of my favorite things about cohabitation so far is that Matt has just as many strange pet peeves as I do. That makes me feel a lot less crazy, knowing that we're both a little crazy. He's vigilant - vigilant I tell you! - about putting the toilet seat and lid down. And amen to that after growing up in a house with a brother. He also always hangs up his towel. He's a good dude. I think I'll keep him.

Straying from said address, though, has had, at best, mixed results. Fair to excellent if we go as far as the gym. Very bad to dire if we try to venture out of the state. First road trip equals first car accident. We blame Baltimore, even though we were in Bellmawr, New Jersey. Not that fond of the Jerz, though, either.

Later this month, we have North Carolina on the docket. We're flying, so I expect extreme weather or a disgruntled airline employee in our future.

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