Friday, June 3, 2011

The Making of a Magical Birthday: Step One

This Sunday is My Mr.'s birthday. I have been agonizing over what to do/buy since the minute when he revealed his birth date to me all those months ago when we were in that early "getting to know you" phase. Since I knew almost immediately that he would still be in my life six months later, I needed every minute of that time to plan the ideal birthday.

The original idea was pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Among the things he enjoys most in the world are the Yankees and amusement parks. I checked the Bombers' schedule and saw that on his actual birthday, the team was away in Anaheim against the Angels. Anaheim has, aside from Disney World, because, well, meh, Knott's Berry Farm close by. Which, you may be surprised to learn, is not a farm of strawberries and blueberries (but that would be delicious). It's a world-renowned amusement park packed with cool coasters. These things, paired with the fact that Matt had never been to the west coast, seemed like the ideal long weekend birthday getaway. I tossed the idea to the Moms and they both loved it. I looked up flights and hotels. I was into this. And then one evening while watching an episode of House Hunters, Matt proclaims that he wouldn't care of the west coast sank to the bottom of the ocean. Well, super. He's clearly got no love for the Left, and in the moment one could probably hear glass shattering all around me.

Cross that one right on off the list.

Then, a long weekend in the Caribbean was considered. But since that was really more for my enjoyment, quickly nixed.

Then there was sky diving. Which would have been totally bad-ass. But they needed a doctor's okay. No way he would ever willingly go to the doctor without knowing the reason why, so that was out.

Part one of the actual birthday present turned out fabulous thanks for his clan. While visiting North Carolina, which I am kind of in love with at the moment, we all visited Carowinds - an amusement park with some sick coasters. He was mostly surprised and I felt successful.

With that under my belt, one would think I'd feel a lot less pressure for this weekend to be off-the-charts incredible. I don't. It's Friday and I'm still anxious. I know he will love his gift, of course. It's pretty great. But the expectations I set months ago for myself to make his birthday unbelievable are still looming. He'd probably be happy with a hug, so this is really all my neuroses. If he's not walking around with a huge smile plastered on his face all of Sunday, I have failed at life.

No pressure.


  1. Um I cannot even begin to explain how happy my heart was made by this post. You. Are. Awesome.