Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Venue: .... and the (lucky) winner is!


After a much longer process than either of us anticipated, Matt and I have finally found our wedding venue! In the end, it was ironically down to a space in Queens or in Brooklyn. And for as much as I might like to say that I'm the bride, so my borough won, that was not the case. We both like that the place where we'll get married has, overall, a unique New York feel. (And the menu will include Matt's all-time favorite food, cheese ravioli, so he was game.)

See you at BLDG 92!

Until July 5th rolls around, feel free to browse the site and see all of the history that the Brooklyn Navy Yard has to offer. While it may not have exposed brick walls, it's the perfect place for a couple of New Yorkers to drop anchor (yes, I intend to use a lot of maritime metaphors in the next few months...)!

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